New Construction

new-constructionLooking to add new plumbing to a new property? Business owners and homeowners can trust the Dan's Plumbing Services, Inc team for expertise and professionalism. We work with builders to install brand new plumbing systems in homes and commercial properties in Kankakee and Cook County, Illinois.

We have the expertise and capabilities to install and service new piping throughout your business, house, or new building. From properly mapping and choosing the best fittings, installation and upkeep, our team is dedicated to getting and keeping your property up and running.

Beyond just ability, we our committed to keeping you and your business in compliance. Our team understands and adheres to all local building codes, and we can guarantee that your plumbing installation will be compliant with all regulations, and ensure that you understand said regulations.

Our plumbing technicians have years of experience and will work closely with your team of contractors to make sure the job is done right the first time. Whether you are building a new home or commercial site, Dan's Plumbing Services, Inc is here to service you!