Why Does my Toilet Keep Clogging?

With our busy lifestyles, the last thing we want to worry about is a clogged toilet. An occasional issue can be solved quickly, but constant backup can be messy and frustrating, not to mention embarrassing for any house guests you may have.


Here are some reasons to look into to solve your problem:

  • There’s something stuck in there – This seems like a no-brainer, but over the years, just about anything can be the cause of a clogged toilet. Whether it’s a household product or a child’s toy, anything solid that becomes stuck will likely be the issue. Another common clogging issue are feminine hygiene products. Placing a covered garbage can next to your toilet can help encourage guests (and yourself) to not flush those products – which could ultimately be the cause of your nightmare! Encourage the people in your household that the only things that should go down the toilet are bodily waste and toilet paper – no tissue or paper towels!
  • You’re using too much toilet paper – You have probably heard this before, but yes! It is true. Not all toilet paper brands dissolve in a way that works well with your plumbing. If you know a foreign object isn’t lodged in your toilet, consider your toilet paper brand OR try flushing mid-way through for smaller flushes.
  • Your tank needs more water – If your plumbing has a problem with incoming water supply, the tank may not be filling up fully. This results in an inadequate amount of water coming into the bowl when you flush. Check the knob on the water supply line to ensure it is open all the way.
  • Your water is too hard – Hard water is fully of minerals like calcium. Over time, those minerals build up inside the drainpipe. You may need to get the drain replaced and invest in a water softener.

If the plunger isn’t working, or you notice that you’re having to use it more often than necessary, call a professional. While many issues can be solved by unclogging a foreign object or changing the type of toilet paper you are using, some issues are beyond the average consumer and expert help is needed to prevent further damage.

Contact us today to help assist you in solving your toilet issues!